Free download: Zoé4Life aces lockdown fundraising with in-person and virtual events

Zoé4Life first began working with GivenGain to make online donations easier to collect and track. But when COVID-19 struck and mass participation events had to be cancelled, they found themselves with a fundraising gap to fill.

All of the events that we normally have were cancelled. We had to rethink how to do things. And on top of that, we were in a position where people needed more support than ever. The world may have stopped, but childhood cancer didn’t.

Nicole Scobie, Founding Member President, Zoé4Life

By harnessing the power of in-person and virtual events with GivenGain, they raised more than 70,000 CHF during lockdown. See how they managed it in our interview with Nicole Scobie, Founding Member President.

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