GivenGain and njuko team up to offer event fundraising

GivenGain is excited to announce a partnership with njuko – a leading online registration provider for major events globally.

Together, we’ll be helping event organisers and participants worldwide raise more funds for charity. Participants joining events through njuko will be able to start GivenGain fundraising campaigns quickly and easily as part of signing up to njuko events.

Adam O’Connor, njuko’s Head of UK & Ireland, says fundraising has always been a big part of what happens on the njuko platform, but teaming up with GivenGain will make life easier for events, their participants and the charities benefiting from their contributions.

“GivenGain, through their friendly hands-on support and expertise, has made it simple to wire events for mass fundraising. We work closely with them to ensure a seamless process for event participants to become fundraisers at the point of signing up to an event. We encourage all our event partners to use GivenGain to make a lasting social impact without any extra effort and increase the international profile of their event.”

Building a payment pipeline

So how exactly does this partnership work? Njuko are experts in event management – they have organised signups for over 3,500 events, and their proven event management tools help organisers to attract a much larger group of participants. By giving them an easy way to allow event participants to sign up as fundraisers as well, GivenGain can greatly increase the number of race entrants who raise money for charity.

Once participants sign up as fundraisers through njuko, GivenGain provides a secure payment channel directly from participants to their chosen charities. When participants share their fundraising pages with their networks, any donations they receive are transferred straight into the charity’s account. GivenGain takes just enough of an administration fee to keep the platform running – nothing is paid out to shareholders.

In the end, it’s the charities that gain the most from this partnership. On average, a fundraiser contributes around 20 times more for charity than a single donor.

Interested in doing some fundraising of your own? Sign up now and start raising money for a cause you care about.

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