How to fundraise for charity after your event has been cancelled or postponed

Fundraising when your event has been cancelled

Event cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus? We’re sorry to hear it. The good news, though, is that you can still fundraise for your favourite charity under the event’s banner!

With any event cancellation, your first step should be to let your donors know what happened and thank them for their help so far. Post on social media, send out an e-mail and share an update on your fundraising project – and remind people that they can still donate to your chosen charity through your project.

We’ve put together some indoor fundraising ideas to help you to keep raising money for your favourite charities, even if you’re staying inside.

Join a virtual challenge.

ZWIFT, the indoor cycling app, regularly hosts online cycling races that you can take part in at home. You can also have a look at Strava challenges – they have many that users can do without leaving the house.

Livestream a fundraising event.

Try out Instagram, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Twitch or another streaming service. Put on a solo concert, speed-run your favourite video game, or even host a virtual dinner party. Don’t forget to share your fundraising link!

Get inventive and use your skills.

Some of our creative fundraisers have already offered to paint a picture or knit a scarf. What could you offer in exchange for donations to your favourite charity?

Take on a challenge or dare.

If you’re in good shape, get donors to sponsor you per push-up or see how long you can hold a plank. Or if you’d rather do something a bit less sweaty, why not shave your head for charity?

Find another event.

Social distancing won’t last forever. Perhaps you can find a different event in a few months’ time? Important: If you do this, remember to change the deadline of your fundraising project by logging in to your fundraising account and going to Fundraiser Project –> Manage –> Edit –> Deadline.

No matter what you decide to do to keep raising money for charity, make sure you keep your network updated using social media, e-mail and project page updates. Let them know who you’re raising money for and why, and share your donation link. Most people will be at home and online, so they’ll be thrilled to see your exciting new charity challenge. 

Most people will be at home and online, so they’ll be thrilled to see your exciting new charity challenge. 

We hope this inspires you to keep helping your favourite charity – at times like this, they need our help more than ever. If you decide to take on one of our fun indoor fundraising challenges or create one of your own after an event postponement or cancellation, please send us an e-mail at We always love to hear how our fundraising community is making a difference.

The GivenGain Team

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