Non-Profit Platform GivenGain has a New Look & Exciting Plans to Shape the Future of Fundraising

October 10, 2023
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GivenGain, the non-profit fundraising platform, is excited to announce an exciting brand refresh, ushering in a new era of streamlined donations, innovative features, and a vibrant, user-centric approach. With over two decades of commitment to the global non-profit industry and as a non-profit itself, GivenGain continues to evolve while staying true to its founding values and mission.

A Fresh Look for a Time-Tested Mission

Established in 2001, GivenGain has consistently led the way with innovative technology tailored to the non-profit sector. GivenGain stands out from other fundraising platforms; As a non-profit organisation itself, GivenGain shares the values of its users, emphasising the importance of giving back over profit margins.

Typically, businesses achieve commercial success before engaging in philanthropy, but in GivenGain’s case, the journey began with the firm belief that "it is better to give than to receive." With 22 years of dedicated service, GivenGain is committed to maintaining its core identity while embracing a refreshed brand that resonates with its dynamic community and embraces the future of fundraising.

Fundraising Champions: The Heart of GivenGain

The centrepiece of GivenGain's brand refresh is the introduction of champions, a term used to describe fundraisers who demonstrate unparalleled passion, care, and unwavering dedication to their chosen causes. Champions are the driving force behind GivenGain's revamped platform, influencing every aspect, from the brand design to feature prioritisation. The core focus is on providing a platform that empowers everyday individuals to become champions for the causes they care about.

"At GivenGain, we know that our fundraising champions give their all when it comes to their causes. They tirelessly support, unapologetically advocate and always stand behind those who need it most. We needed to reflect this commitment by placing them at the centre of our brand," explains Marius Maré, Executive Director at GivenGain.

A Vibrant New Visual Identity

GivenGain's brand refresh is evident in its engaging new look. The redesigned logo, colours, fonts, and design elements infuse energy and excitement into the platform, making fundraising accessible to individuals who have never done it before, and making regular fundraisers raise more than ever. This visual transformation aims to put the "fun" into fundraising and resonate with users who are passionate about supporting causes that matter to them.

As Grant Clark, Head of Brand at GivenGain shares, “Every day we see inspiring stories on GivenGain of amazing humans doing incredible, extraordinary things for the causes that they care about and love, and now our new identity and platform update will enable us to present these unique stories to the world in an interactive and joyful way.”

Streamlined Technology for Enhanced User Experience

The updated GivenGain platform boasts faster and more user-friendly technology, simplifying the fundraising journey. These improvements ensure users can easily navigate the platform, connect with their supporters, and maximise their impact. The new interface guarantees a seamless and efficient experience for charities, fundraisers and donors alike.

"Our development efforts are laser-focused on ensuring that the fundraising experience is effortless. We believe in simplicity over complexity, and our goal is to provide a platform that empowers our users without overwhelming them with unnecessary features. We've streamlined the donation process to take under a minute, making it easier than ever for our users to turn their passion into meaningful impact." - Kyle Ueckermann, Head of Product at GivenGain.

Harnessing AI Technology for Empowering Champions

GivenGain is taking a key step forward by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help champions tell their stories effectively. This innovation enables fundraisers to create compelling narratives that engage supporters on a deeper level. By harnessing AI, GivenGain plans to ensure that champions have the tools they need to inspire action and drive meaningful change. 

The Global Platform of Fundraising Champions

GivenGain's core mission remains unchanged: to empower fundraisers to support the causes they care about in a way that allows them to share their unique stories and rally supporters to donate. By providing a platform for fundraisers to truly champion their chosen charities, GivenGain continues to be the global hub for fundraising.

Supporting Charities Worldwide

Charities rely on funding to continue their vital work, and GivenGain plays a pivotal role in facilitating these donations. The platform ensures that donations go directly to the charities, empowering champions to make a tangible impact on the cause they support. GivenGain strengthens the connection between supporters and the organisations they care about by enabling individuals to fundraise on behalf of charities.

"Since 2001, GivenGain has helped raise hundreds of millions of pounds for charities globally. A lot's changed since then, but our values remain the same. We're all about empowering people to support the causes they care about, and as a non-profit ourselves, we share that passion. Now, with a new brand and the latest cutting edge technology, we're delivering the features charities and fundraisers want and need. We can't wait to support them on the journey," says Will Irwin, Head of New Business for the UK and Europe at GivenGain.

“At GivenGain, we're about the real heart of fundraising. Our mission is to put the power to make a real impact where it belongs, in the hands of those who truly care, and to ensure the funds go where they should, directly to the charities who need it. We’ve worked hard on empowering fundraisers with the tools they need to tell their unique stories and to make a difference for the charities they champion,” says Bryan Lively, VP of Sales at GivenGain.

Empowering Champions, Enriching Causes

GivenGain's brand refresh is a testament to its ongoing commitment to empowering fundraising champions and supporting the non-profit sector. With a renewed visual identity, streamlined technology, and AI-driven storytelling tools, GivenGain is poised to make fundraising more impactful, fun, and effective than ever before. 

As it continues its 22-year journey, GivenGain remains dedicated to its mission and the countless charities it serves.

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