Free download: How Rare Diseases SA built a sustainable donor base with GivenGain

Rare Diseases SA isn’t just a charity – it’s a personal mission. Founder Kelly Du Plessis started the non-profit in 2013 after her own son was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, and quickly discovered that there were many families in South Africa facing the same struggle to find and afford appropriate medical care for rare diseases.

Today Rare Diseases SA is one of the leading health-focused charities on GivenGain in terms of funds raised. Kelly and her team help around 5,000 registered charity members to access the treatments they need, and also lobby private and public organisations on their behalf. Incredibly, they do so without any government help. The charity relies completely on personal donations, fundraising projects and events.

Read our free case study to discover how Rare Diseases SA used the power of online crowdfunding to build a strong foundation of grassroots supporters, and continues to benefit from crowdfunding today. Also, learn Kelly’s secret for turning nervous newbies into confident fundraisers.

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